Coaching & Consulting - professional & competent
Nathalie Buschor, Zuerich
Coaching & Consulting - professional & competent
Nathalie Buschor, Zuerich

Success, hope and satisfaction.

This is about life as it is, be it confused or complex – or even digital. Do you want to open up your horizons, discover what is important to you – both professionally and personally? Are you looking for happiness and satisfaction? It would be my pleasure to help you with this.

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Coaching – Start your agile journey now.

Define and achieve your goals, mobilize your strengths and resources based, on your personality and your personal and professional biography. This enables you to lead effectively and authentically, to sell successfully and to activate your network.

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Consulting – Corporate career meets psychology

Are you searching for a digitally viable and sustainable company vision? Do you need a sparring partner? Would you like to lead with joy and do you want to become a true entrepreneur? With my creativity and expertise, I will assist you with your entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Lectures, training sessions and workshops

Well-founded theory, presented in an entertaining fashion or taught interactively, using practical examples – that’s why clients invite me to help them.

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Nathalie Buschor

I support people and businesses on their path to greater meaning and success.

Many years of international executive and project management experience in the finance industry, genuine expertise in psychology, and extensive consultation skills – this unique synthesis of interests and skills sets me apart as a coach and consultant.

What do you want to do? What do you want to achieve?


Agile Führung im digitalen Zeitalter

Das Verständnis von Zusammenhängen und Eigenheiten des digitalen Wandels sind Voraussetzung und Motivation für agile Organisationen und für agiles Führen. Die Führungskraft von morgen braucht dafür persönliche Reife, die sich in einer Kombination von Werten, Charakterstärken und Kompetenzen zeigt und die deren Führungsverhalten bestimmt. Human Resources fällt die herausfordernde Aufgabe zu, Agilität bei den Mitarbeitenden zu entwickeln und damit die Zukunft der Arbeit mitzugestalten. Das HRM-Dossier fasst die Gedanken verschiedener Think Tanks zusammen, zeigt die veränderten Rahmenbedingungen auf, welche agile Organisationsformen und Führungsansätze notwendig machen und legt dar, was dies für Führungskräfte wie auch das HR konkret bedeutet.

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