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In the actual COVID situation it can be more than helpful to test and finally leverage despite all digital tools the one and only professional skill, that will not be digitalized in the future- and make your job save.

Your personality, the way how you lead yourself and your teams in these unsecure and demanding times- mostly online and remote. You all know, I am not a fan of remote, I prefer with secure distance to walk with my clients outside, or to find other ways to interact not only by phone or skype. Nevertheless, it show more clearly than ever now: No tool or app ever will provide you the following answers: what are the actual needs and intervention that help my key employees as well as yourselve to be productiv and fullfilled at work? How can human nature, true interaction overcome the distance?

The new way of working was forced upon us and implemented in more than exponential speed on most of us. It is not something, that humans could have avoided, it just came much quicker than anyone ever thought. Therefore, proving yourself in the new environment is a stress test for the future. Can you lead, motivate and reach your goals, despite and with a maximum usage of technology? Have you discovered and unveiled the moments, where ther is no replacement for human contact and interaction? Did you find alternatives, that work? There are a lot of questions and ends that have to meet. What helps human to survive actually is a firm stand, knowing who you are and what you want. Given the exponential change in our working environment, professional and personal development also became less optional. How you can get there, please watch the video.